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’68 I AM A MAN



Our cinematic journey comes to life through the eyes of the striking sanitation workers: their perseverance through extreme adversity, their struggles and their steadfast united spirits in the face of impossible odds for simple Human Dignity and Respect. As we reflect on the sacrifices of these MEN, and glimpse the final conclusion of Dr. King’s life while in support of their stance, We arrive at a movement in time which resonates around the world boldly and defiantly even today declaring …I AM A MAN

Based on a True Story

In Our Story…

Two aging sanitation workers reminiscing about treacherous days long pass discover hidden secrets which change a city for generations… their re-connection ushers in a new day.

Our story also explores an even deeper narrative often overlooked, how the quest for basic Human Dignity and Respect in the workplace continues even today.

Brief History of

The “I AM A MAN” March was a significant turning point in history.

The year was 1968, 50 years ago, a turbulent moment in our civil rights history. When poor sanitation workers, suffering from low wages and poor working conditions, determined to STAND up to a city, and a nation, in the face of extreme adversity.

With the support of Dr. Martin Luther King, the men demanded to be treated with dignity and respect. The striking men marched, proclaiming I AM A MAN, not a boy or a garbage man.

This struggle for equal rights was the turbulent event that brought Dr. King into Memphis and the final days of his life.

Today the “I AM A MAN” Photo stands as an iconic reminder to the nation to Stand Up for Equality and Justice.

’68 I AM A MAN

Potential Cast of Characters

Christopher Gray

Writer / Producer

A native Memphian and graduate of Howard University, Chris has been at the forefront of the Film/Television industry for more than 35 years: An acclaimed director, screen-writer, producer and casting director.  Chris has more than 100 industry credits to his name, including such highly successful films as “The Great Debaters”, “Hustle and Flow”, “Amistad”, “Men of Honor”, “Fate of the Furious” and “Black Panther.”

Rosalind Withers

Executive Producer

A native Memphian who cultivated a successful career spanning 30 years at several flagship corporations across the country developing: management, strategic planning, leadership and marketing skills.  In 2010 she returned home to Memphis and founded the Withers Collection Museum and Gallery to preserve the priceless works of her late father, highly acclaimed Dr. Ernest Withers.  The Museum serves more than 30,000 visitors annually.

Rosalind Withers

Christopher Gray